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Bounce Back moves and skills
Session Plan

Session plan: Eating healthily

We cover information on why eating healthily is important to bouncing back & ideas for ways to adjust your diet. Find out more.
Session Plan

Session plan: Finding someone to trust and talk to

We cover finding the right person to trust and talk to and explaining to the right person how they can help out. Find out more.
Session Plan

Session plan: Staying in control and keeping cool

In this session we’ll focus noticing the situations that make us lose our cool & understanding what happens to us when we get angry or upset.
Session Plan

Session plan: Tackling difficult relationships

This lesson plan focuses on making a plan and sticking to it even when you have setbacks as well as how to ask for help when you need it.
Session Plan

Session plan: Planning and achieving your dreams

This lesson plan covers making a plan and sticking to it even when you have setbacks. Find out more on our website.
Case Study

Case study: Ntakiyimana Mbabazi Odile

Ntakiyimana is from Rwanda. She tells the story of how focusing on what she is good at has helped her to achieve her dreams of representing young people in her village and area on the local …

Case Study

Case study: Khadija Sethi

Khadija Sethi, 15, is a student at Langdon Academy and was elected as Newham’s young mayor in November 2016. While she was taking her GCSE exams, we asked her about her plans for the future and …

Case Study

Case study: Laine Esperanzate

Laine is a young designer who grew up in Essex and with the help of mentors at the Prince’s Trust was able to get through a very hard time in life during her GCSEs. 

Troubles during …

Case Study

Case study: Rob from Newham

When Rob’s dad got cancer, Rob used his piano playing to help him find ways to get past the grief and keep moving into his future.

Today, Rob is a Year 10 student. He is happy …

Case Study

Case study: Mohamed Abbas Omar

Mohammed grew up in Newham and went to Rokeby School - where he got into some trouble. But he focused on his goals and got good exam results. Find out more.